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    Sour Bolt Swedish BUBS


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    The idea for this product came to us like a bright flash of lightning. Kaboom! Fruity freshness combined with an energizing sour flavour, makes both superheroes and ordinary people crave for more. The flat bolt shape provides perfect chewiness.

    This piece of candy is free from gelatine and other animal additives.

    Approx 150g

    Sour Bolts

    Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, water, cornstarch, Acidity regulators (malic acid, sodium citrate), black carrot concentrate, flavour.

    Nutrition information: per 100g. Energy 1442 kj/345kcal Fat 0 g, - of which saturated 0 g, Carbohydrates 84g, of which sugars 61g, Protein 0g, salt 0,1g