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    Maritime Madness Candied Curry


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    Candied Curry Hot Sauce: Elevate Your Curry Game to New Heights!

    Prepare to embark on a curry revolution with our mind-blowing creation, Candied Curry Hot Sauce. This little culinary powerhouse is about to take your curry game up not one, not two, but roughly ten notches! Brace yourself for an explosion of flavours - a tantalizing blend of mouthwatering sweetness, sizzling heat, and a delightful hint of coffee. This bad boy will awaken your taste buds and transform any meal into a sensational experience!

    There are no limits to the magic of Candied Curry Hot Sauce. Whether it's pasta, wraps, eggs, mac n' cheese, burgers, or stir fry, this sauce adds an irresistible punch to every dish. Damn straight - it's that versatile!

    It is a soy free, dairy free, gluten free and low sodium sauce.

    Size: 275mL

    Burn Rate: 2 out of 6

    Ingredients: sugar, vinegar, onion, tomatoes, peppers, coffee, spices, salt, xanthan gum