The Sour


Since 2023

Since 2023

The Sweetest Store East of Edmonton.

Located 45 minutes east of Edmonton, The Sour Moose, Tofield’s newest candy store, aims to bring nostalgia back and appeal to your fondest childhood memories. Whether you discover a new favourite sweet or let nostalgic candies excite your senses, with our wide variety, there’s something for everyone.

Check out our huge selection of nostalgic, bulk sweets, sodas, and other sweet treats, including rare, exotic, sugar-free, dietary friendly and hard-to-find items.

Small Store, Big Variety

The Sour Moose opened in early 2023 in Tofield, Alberta. Don’t let the small store atmosphere fool you, we boast over 1000 items in store. There’s a lot to look at!

We’re constantly bringing in new and exciting items too, so check back often!

Looking for something specific? Ask us! We’ll do our best to find it for you!


Wether you’re looking for something new or something from your childhood – The Sour Moose’s selection is sure to please!


Does chocolate excite your pallet more? We have many different kinds of chocolates from around the world!

Dietary Restrictions

Have allergies, intolerances, or live a plant-based lifestyle? The Sour Moose believe that everyone should get to experience the magic of visiting the store, so we do our best to have a variety of options for those who need it!


Locally Owned

No big corporations here! The Sour Moose is locally owned and operated. We try to find the best pricing out there, and we are excited to be a positive and fun environment for all who visit us!

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