Thank you for inviting The Sour Moose to participate in your next event! We love giving back to our community when we are able.

Due to the overwhelming demand for donations, we ask that the online donation form be the only method to request a donation. As customer service is our #1 priority in the store, please do not telephone, walk-in, or email with donation inquiries.

Priority will be given to registered charities and non-profits who can issue an official donation tax receipt.

Unfortunately, while we would love to help every organization that asked, we may not be able to participate in your event.

We do not support individuals or their personal projects, private foundations, political activities or advertising.

Organizations are limited to one (1) request approved per calendar year to ensure we are helping as many causes as possible.

Donations are capped at $250 in the form of a gift card, gift basket, or candy– this does not guarantee your organization will receive the entire $250 value. As a small family-owned business, our budget dictates what we can donate and when. We do not provide monetary donations.

Requirements for donation request consideration:

We have guidelines for all applicants and will do our best to get back to each application. Only complete applications will be considered.

The online donation form is the only way to submit a donation request. We will not review email, faxes, walk-in or mail requests. Employees at The Sour Moose Inc. cannot approve or authorize any requests.

Donation requests must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks before the event. Requests submitted under eight (8) weeks minimum will not be considered.

All organizations are limited to one donation request within a 12-month period.

1.  To ensure our donations are going towards a good cause, we may require additional information to verify your organization.

2.  Applicants must attach a one-page (max) on the organization’s letterhead and include:

3.  Specific date, location of the event and the expected number of attendees

4.  What is the purpose of this event? What do you hope to raise money for?

5.  Organization representative’s contact name, address, phone number and email

6.  Registered charity number if applicable.

7.  Specify request (e.g. silent auction donation, gift card, etc)

8.  How does the organization plan to acknowledge The Sour Moose during their event?

Please note that all donations are limited to events and organizations in Canada. We are unable to donate to organizations in other countries.

If approved, the applicant must arrange for pick up at The Sour Moose in Tofield, AB or delivery will be at the applicant’s cost.

All items donated are at the discretion of The Sour Moose Inc.

Successful applications will receive an email two (2) weeks before your event. Due to volume, we may not respond to all requests but will try to respond to as many as possible. Suppose you do not hear back from The Sour Moose within six (6) weeks. In that case, it does not mean that we feel your cause is unworthy – it simply means we cannot find room in our budget or have met our donation quota for the year. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all requests.

By submitting a donation application, you acknowledge that any information you submit will be handled in accordance with The Sour Moose’s privacy policy. We do, however, retain the right to use the name of the chosen organization in any subsequent correspondence about donations.

Thank you for considering The Sour Moose for your upcoming event/program.

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